After much planning, many brews, and a lot of networking and collaborating with member-owners, New Barons would finally like to welcome you to our community. You’ll find that our owners are a restless bunch, continuously starting new projects, making new works of art and friends along the way. We have a passion that extends beyond the brew house, but we always have beers in hand and friends by our side.

You see, we believe that Milwaukee was built with beer, a lifestyle that we are pushing to make true again. Our community has an ethos that puts beer to work for you and each other. What has followed, are some terrific craft beers, that tell our stories. Each of them has a creative origin, with unique people behind the brand. The secret ingredient is our member-owners, who are everyday people, but have talent, passion and most of all – a big hustle. These are their stories. These are their beers.

Starting in 2020, we’ll be telling these stories, and releasing the beer. We’ll keep you up to date on where you can find the beer and the exploits of the member-owners behind it.