We are Milwaukee's first and only Lager-focused brewery. Our beers have a story behind them and are inspired by our member-owners. Below is our portfolio of the beer we brew.

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Czech Pilsner |  ABV 4.5%  |  IBU 45

THE BEER: A well-rounded, pale, refreshing lager with notes of white bread crust, spicy hops, and a long finish.

THE STORY: Brewed by and in honor of founder, John Degroote and his friends on the east side of Milwaukee who lent a hand here and there with his homebrewing and helped drink all of it as well. The pilsner, a style true to Milwaukee, fueled many a good time in the young glory days of our founder.


IPL  |  ABV 6.0%  |  IBU 50

THE BEER: IN A WORLD OF COLD IPA, one hoppy lager decided to go rogue on fake names and call itself an IPL. Little did he know, that the powers that be, would stop AT NOTHING to prevent him from running free. Local authorities and U.S Marshals were ready for a manhunt and nearly derailed the IPL's plan... Narrowly escaping brewery power outages and epic high-speed car chases, the beer stayed defiant in the name of nomenclature justice. He's brewed, he's crisp, he's cold, he's...THE FUGITIVE


Schwarzbier |  ABV 5.0%  |  IBU 25

THE BEER: This medium-light lager is roasty & bready with subtle dark fruit notes, yet drinks easy.

THE STORY: Brewed in honor of punk rock kid turned Milwaukee’s favorite craft beer ambassador, Eric Gutbrod, this high fidelity lager is the perfect blend of character and easy drinking for a night of revelry.



California Common |  ABV 5.0%  |  IBU 50

THE BEER: This decidedly hop pronounced lager is balanced with a judicious amount of crystal malt for a product that’s woody, herbal and has notes of caramel.

THE STORY: Over 8 months, 6 of our member-owner homebrewers battled it out in Klub Kombat to see whose recipe would reign supreme. They tested and the people tasted and picked the winning recipe by David Wage, which was then brewed to scale. Not only was this beer collaborative, but the label concept was done by Klub Kombat participant, Nat Duchesneau!


New Zealand Pilsner  |  ABV 6.0%  |  IBU 50

THE BEER: This beer is a product of mixing old-school Milwaukee beer with the new craft scene. Experience Milwaukee is a light-bodied, super crushable lager made with Thiolized yeast to produce flavors of cannabis, passion fruit and white wine.

THE STORY: Brewed with and for our member-owners and new partners of the Experience Milwaukee podcast!


South African Oat Lager  |  ABV 4.0%  |  IBU 35

THE BEER: This sessionable South African oat lager has a silky mouthfeel and oatnut berry fullness balanced with crisp bitterness. It’s nuanced with a sunny floral aroma and hints of red berries.

THE STORY: Brewed in honor of our member-owners who are part of the Milwaukee Beer Barons Rugby Football Club: Milwaukee's first all-inclusive rugby club.


June Bock  |  ABV 5.5%  |  IBU 30

THE BEER:A malty golden lager with melanoiden malt character of honey, biscuit, and fresh cracked grain flavors with a subtle lemon aroma. An even paler, more sessionable version of Maibock.

THE STORY: Brewed in honor of our beertender and member-owner Colin.


Hockey Lager  |  ABV 7.0%  |  IBU 30

THE BEER: An Imperial Pilsner that’s, balanced with a noble hop aroma and made with Canadian Barley Malt.

THE STORY: Brewed in honor of our resident hockey fan, goalie, member-owner and beertender, Erin.


Rotbier  |  ABV 5.0%  |  IBU 29

THE BEER: This medium-bodied amber lager is bready with hints of toffee without being overly sweet. It’s perfectly balanced and pours a beautiful red hue.

THE STORY: Brewed in honor of our beertender and member-owner Dan. The nicest guy you’ll ever meet unless it has to do with his leftovers. Stop in and ask him for the story yourself! You won't be disappointed.


Italian Pilsner |  ABV 4.5%  |  IBU 24

THE BEER: This medium-bodied lager has soft grainy sweetness and sharp hop presence that features flavors of orange/lemon peel, herbs and spice.

THE STORY: Brewed in honor of member-owners and your local handsome boys of the Milwaukee alt rock band, Tigera


Helles Lager |  ABV 5.0%  |  IBU 23

THE BEER: This medium-light bodied lager has a soft grainy sweetness and a floral/herbal hop presence.

THE STORY: Loud as Helles is a beer that recognizes women, past and present, who have been active in all forms of media and storytelling in craft beer and beyond.


Dunkles Bock  |  ABV 6.6%  |  IBU 20

THE BEER: This medium-full-bodied beer is a no-nonsense lager that is toasty rich and bready, but not cloyingly sweet.

THE STORY: Inspired by member-owner and President of our Board of Directors Ben Zweifel, who wanted to promote April’s “National Safe Digging Month” as a longtime Diggers Hotline employee. Be safe and practice no-nonsense digging. Check out diggershotline.com or call 811 at least 3 working days before the start of your next project.


Märzen |  ABV 5.7%  |  IBU 20

Honoring both the Festbier and Märzen approach to this fall classic, our Oktoberfest is both easy to consume in a big stein, but with enough malty play to feel like a cool weather beer. Toasty and bready but medium dry in the finish, makes it the perfect lager as the days wane. Prost!


Mexican-Style Lager  |  ABV 5.5%  |  IBU 20

THE BEER: This Mexican-Style Lager is a crisp, pale lager that finishes slightly sweet from the use of flaked maize. It has superior drink-ability and is the perfect beer for any occasion.

THE STORY: Brewed in honor of all the badasses in the service industry and inspired by our co-founder and industry vet, Heidi Dalibor.


Lager  |  ABV Various  |  IBU Various

THE BEER: The Lager Lab is an experimental lager series to explore the world of lagers and boldly take our lager portfolio to new frontiers.



Juicy IPA  |  ABV 7.0%  |  IBU 60

THE BEER: This Third Coast IPA is light-medium bodied with a touch of haze & juicy flavors the will remind you of the Caribbean. Brewed with Simcoe, Jarrylo, Sabro, Azacca & Citra, this will satisfy the hoppiest heads but stay balanced and easy drinking for the summer.

THE STORY: Rumor has it that it’s best enjoyed with the summer sounds of the local Milwaukee band, and member-owners, Hot By Ziggy!


Black IPA  |  ABV 6.0%  |  IBU 60

THE BEER: Brewed with Simcoe, Mosaic and Warrior hops, along with fresh spruce tips, this Black IPA reminds you of a stroll through the Wisconsin north woods. With maple syrup added to the boil, it's a hearty beer for those of us with a bear's thirst!

THE STORY: Brewed with spruce tips from a member-owners own front yard.


West Coast IPA  |  ABV 6.0%  |  IBU 50

THE BEER: This west coast IPA reminds you of the beer that made you fall in love with IPAs to begin with. Finishing dry and crisp with a hoppy bite, it has a clean bitterness with aromas of citrus, berries and melon.

THE STORY: Brewed for our co-founder, Sarah Hand. All work and no play makes Sarah a dull girl.


American Pale Ale  |  ABV 5.0%  |  IBU 40

THE BEER: Brewed with 4 malts, 4 hops, and yeast all from this great US of A, this beer harnesses local pride and flavor.

THE STORY: Made with whole cone hops from our member-owner farmer - Bruce Berry - each year's offering is a little different, showcasingthe Wisconsin harvest season!


English Barleywine  |  ABV 10.0%  |  IBU 40

THE BEER: Aged for one year in rye & whiskey barrels, these rich Barleywine variations are made with an array of caramel malts to providea full-bodied sipper.

THE STORY: Brewed in honor of member-owner architects,Mark and Dan who helped draft up some early plans for the New Barons Brewing taproom.


Saison  |  ABV 5.0%  |  IBU 35

THE BEER: This light-bodied quencher has notes of bubble gum, spice, floral & fruity aromas. Brewed with wheat, barley, and 4 hops in the whirlpool, this low ABV quencher is perfect for the hot summer days, and long summer nights.

THE STORY: A collaboration from the breweries of the Lincoln Warehouse. Brewed with only the ingredients we had on hand, L-Dubbs should usher in the journey with our new friends at Component Brewing.


Medieval Ale  |  ABV 4.5%  |  IBU 35

THE BEER: Brewed with oats like in the good old days. This is a reincarnated style of beer technically known as a Kuytbier. In medieval Holland - oats were reserved for livestock and peasants. Barley and Wheat was for the noble class. As such, the peasants figured out how to do a beer brewed with Oats. This is a drinkable year-round brew.

THE STORY: Brewed by and for the people of MKE.


Belgian Tripel  |  ABV 8.5%  |  IBU 33

THE BEER: This Belgian Tripel is surprisingly drinkable with an upfront sweetness that doesn’t linger and a complex spicy fruity aroma from Belgian Abbey yeast.

THE STORY: Brewed with local homebrewing equipment manufacturer & member-owner – Spike Brewing, this was first brewed on their small-scale pilot system. It’s now soaring to be brewed on commercial equipment!




ESB  |  ABV 6.0%  |  IBU 33

THE BEER: This Rye ESB is malt forward and spicy, yet balanced and drinkable.

THE STORY: That's why it's the perfect beer for our good friend and member-owner Joe Royten, of On Time Promotions. An everyday Joe kind of beer with some complexity and nuance makes it the type of beverage you want time and time again!


Nitro Irish Stout  |  ABV 4.6%  |  IBU 30

THE BEER: Joining our portfolio as our first nitro tap, this Irish stout is a dark, light ale with notes of coffee and cereal grains.

THE STORY: Welcome home! There is much to discuss when you’re opposite our main beertender, James, over this easy- drinking Irish Stout, brewed just for him, by him!


Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout  |  ABV 10.0%  |  IBU 29

THE BEER: Fermented with a blend of Belgian and American yeasts then aged and blended in a mix of Bourbon and Rye barrels from our friends next door at Twisted Path Distillery. This stout features strong whiskey and vanilla oak barrel notes on the nose followed by a pleasant roasty chocolate grain flavor that is smooth and clean with a hint of banana esters from the Belgian yeast.


Belgian Quadrupel  |  ABV 10.0%  |  IBU 27

THE BEER: Now pay attention, 007. You are going undercover to a bottle share party and will need this. Q: A Rum Barrel-Aged Quad made with Paraguayan molasses. Complex dark fruit notes and caramel with vanilla should convince them you know your beer. But do try and limit your drinking, 007. At 10%, use it to slip past the party – don't slip yourself.


Porter  |  ABV 6.5%  |  IBU 26

THE BEER: This medium-bodied porter has a smooth mouthfeel that compliments notes of coffee,dark chocolate, caramel, and of course, nuts. It stays balanced, allowing you to enjoy a pint or two on its own or paired with a hearty meal.

THE STORY: Inspired by our member-owners who helped roast pecans for our first commercial batch in 2018,



Brown Ale  |  ABV 6.0%  |  IBU 26

THE BEER: This brown ale is medium full-bodied with notes of milk chocolate, nuts, bread, and caramel. It's a perfect way to start the cold season, not too dark, nor too sweet.

THE STORY: Brewed in honor of our co-founder, Matt Witterschein!


Coffee Stout  |  ABV 5.5%  |  IBU 25

THE BEER: A sweet stout with flavors of chocolate, coffee, caramel, and dark fruits like dried cherries and dates. Then mixed with Just Coffee Coop/Let It Ride Cold Brew to remind you It’s 5AM Somewhere.

THE STORY: Brewed in honor of one of our founders, Nora Degroote.


Cream Ale  |  ABV 5.5%  |  IBU 25

THE BEER: Brewed with corn, this beer is medium-light bodied that finishes clean and slightly sweet. Perfect for that mood where you just need a beer - cranky, sunny or otherwise.

THE STORY: Our cream ale is a nod to the session-able, clean beers that have been cranked out of our taproom space since before we were in it.


Kölsch |  ABV 5.3%  |  IBU 24

THE BEER: This medium-light ale is lagered for added clarity and crispness. It has a slight fruity yeast character but is milder than other pale ales. An easy-drinking Kölsch style ale, aptly named by member-owner Taylor, in honor of our 6 homebrewers.

THE STORY: Over 8 months, 6 of our member-owner homebrewers battled it out in Klub Kölsch to see whose recipe would reign supreme. They tested and the people tasted and picked the winning recipe by Mike Clutterbuck, which was then brewed to scale.


American Pale Ale/IPA  |  ABV: Various  |  IBU: Various

THE BEER: [per·mu·ta·tion (noun): a way, especially one of several possible variations, in which a set or number of things can be ordered or arranged.] Pale Permutation is a series where each batch showcases a different hop that has a distinct and different flavor and aroma.



American Pale Ale  |  ABV 4.5%  |  IBU 20

THE BEER: This super crushable pale ale has aromas of tropical fruits and is a light and easy-drinker you can enjoy all day long. Swing Fix is best enjoyed while boating, camping, and especially hitting the links

THE STORY: Brewed in honor of our co-founder, Mike Mack whose favorite past-time you can liekly guess. Our first Treasurer of the Board and one of the 5 founders, just wants something light and easy that you don’t get tired of. If that isn’t the wish of a brewery founder, we don’t know what is.


Hefeweizen |  ABV 4.7%  |  IBU 20

THE BEER: A medium-light wheat ale with flavors of bananas, clove and brewed with sunflower seeds.

THE STORY: This Baywatch themed End of Summer Hefeweizen is both cool and serious. It has something for everybody, but reminds you of those who work hard in the Summer sun for your enjoyment.


Belgian Dubbel |  ABV 6.5%  |  IBU 20

THE BEER: Drive-Thru Dubbel is a medium-bodied Trappist style Ale that has notes of plums, dates and other dark fruits. Brewed with maple syrup from the Northwoods and in collaboration with our co-hosts from the Beer Drive-Thru, the Explorium Brewpub and Faklandia Brewing, this is a true Wisconsin original and rare release.

THE STORY: Brewed in honor of the volunteers and friends who helped us make the most of the shut down last Spring.


Belgian Witbier |  ABV 5.0%  |  IBU 18

THE BEER: This medium-bodied wheat beer is the perfect balance of drinkability and bold flavor. Brewed with chamomile, lemongrass, orange peel & coriander. Cheers, witches!

THE STORY: This beer was carefully crafted by some of our member-owners who tested over 16 different combinations of flavors to hone in the perfect cauldron of beer!