Remember when Milwaukee truly was the Beer City? Pabst, Schlitz, Blatz, and Miller weren’t just brands, but names of businessmen who knew their craft.   These “Barons of Brewing” excelled, not only with their products, but also in the way they elevated Milwaukee.  Unfortunately, when they passed on, the times changed and none of those brands remained locally owned.  The beer market evolved and big domestic brews merged with international players and each other to try and stay afloat. Beer quality eventually suffered, leaving smaller players to take up the reins in the art of craft brewing.  Ultimately, that is what happened to the beer barons and “Brew City” of old.

New Barons Brewing Coop looks to put the pride of brew city back into the people of Milwaukee. As a cooperatively owned business, anyone can own a piece of the brewery. The New Barons collectively make decisions together and support each other to make Milwaukee a more genuine and active beer town.